About jungle gems...

Jungle Gems, based in Hillcrest Durban, has been going for over 15 years and has developed a remarkable reputation in the Durban region for its high standards of workmanship, the quality of our wood and hence the best end-product.

We custom design all our jungle gyms to suit the end purpose – age of children and domestic or public focus, the space available to build as well as the client’s budget.

We build with wood which is all CCA treated and each piece of timber is hand selected. None of our work is manufactured in bulk in a factory environment – all our work is bespoke and built on site.

We build big to small and our clients range from individuals to coffee shops to schools to churches as well as social development non-profits foundations. We are proud to work with both the Zero2Five Trust, the Robin Hood Foundation as well as Intemba Foundation building jungle gyms for creches and pre-schools in the rural areas in KZN for the children who are less fortunate.

Our client list is long, here are a few:

  • Cotswold Downs Club House and Communal Parks
  • Curro Castle Hillcrest
  • Highbury Pre Primary, Foundation Phase and Weavers Nest
  • Mount Edgecombe Country Club
  • Sage Coffee Shop Ballito
  • Sagewood Café Pietermaritzburg
  • Simbithi Country Club
  • Sugar Rush Park Ballito
  • Waterfall Pre-Primary
  • Watershed Café Mount Edgecombe Estate

and many more clients in the Upper highway, Hillcrest, Kloof, Everton and greater Durban area. 

A jungle gym is vital to a child’s educational, emotional, social and physical development. Jungle gyms allows children to enhance their natural skills and creates a confident edge. A jungle gym also develops a strong self-image.

The benefits to climbing are endless. Climbing works almost every major muscle group. They increase upper-body strength, using their arms and hands or they work their lower body using their legs. Climbing does more than work the obvious muscle groups. It also initiates good balance and body control. Climbing aides in problem solving and challenges the child to improve their memory, due to the need to remember certain grips and the location of hand and foot holds.

Climbing also creates an awareness of space and direction by allowing the child to decide the best path to take to reach the intended destination. It improves power (strength to reach new heights), agility (moving from one point to another as quickly as possible), speed, balance (to stay on the path to the top), and coordination (Frost, 2005).

Feel free to browse our website www.junglegems.co.za or our Facebook Page for our latest project photos. Please contact Donve Leicester on 084 518 1962 or donve@junglegems.co.za.

Let your children be children, they deserve it....

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